Mikh McKinney had 16 points and 2 assists as his team is flirting with FIBA Europe Cup quarterfinals


GAZET VAN ANTWERPEN reports that Port of Antwerp Giants stunts in Villeurbanne and flirting with Europe Cup quarterfinals.

Port of Antwerp Giants grabbed the Astroballe filled with 5,600 spectators with a European format stunt off. The selection of coach Roel Moors won the first game of the Final 16 of the FIBA Europe Cup vs ASVEL Villeurbanne and immediately opens the gate of the Final 8 (quarterfinals). “Defense was the key to this success,” said best Mikh McKinney.


European fairy tale from Port of Antwerp Giants got in France and against ASVEL Villeurbanne from owner / president Tony Parker stunning sequel. For the Giants, it was the eleventh victory in thirteen European European matches this season. For ASVEL Villeurbanne was again the first European home defeat of the campaign.

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