Mikh McKinney tallied 7 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists as Port of Antwerp Giants march to FIBA ​​Europe Cup quarterfinals

mikh mckinney

GAZET VAN ANTWERPEN reports that Yuri Blades leads Port of Antwerp Giants to FIBA Europe Cup quarterfinals.

Port of Antwerp Giants wrote European club history. The port team jumped into the Final 16 of the FIBA Europe Cup favorite ASVEL Villeurbanne from owner / president Tony Parker. Thanks to include Yuri blades. Young Antwerp led in the final quarter with a bomb festival Giants to a third European finals in two decades. Final 8 of the FIBA Europe Cup guard from mid-March the Italian Varese or Turkish Royal Hali Gaziantep.


“The shots fell and coach Roel continued to rouse me. Yes, this is a kick, “said match winner Yuri Blades . An atmospheric and 3,200 spectators filled Arena treat the 21-year-old Antwerppromise a standing ovation. The “Yuri cry” echoed long after in a swirling Arena. Port of Antwerp Giants triumphed last week in ASVEL Villeurbanne after an impressive party. The port team opened as the gateway to the Final 8 of the FIBA Europe Cup. “ASVEL remains the favorite.


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