AJ Edu the future of Philippine basketball?

AJ Edu3

Fox Sports Asia reports about AJ Edu and being the new hope of PH basketball.

Minutes before the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles exited their viewing room to start their regular Wednesday afternoon practice, a lone player was on the far end of the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center’s main court. He was tall, long, and lanky, shooting jumpers from 20 feet out with a somewhat awkward but easy stroke. He didn’t swish all of his shots, but he made enough for the token spectators to wonder.

“Who is this guy?” “He looks as tall as Ikeh, but he has the face of a fifteen year old.” Actually, he’s already sixteen, and he’s just a shade shorter than Ikeh Chibueze, Ateneo’s 6’10 starting center.

Read more at www.foxsportsasia.com.

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