Potential is written all over the 6-foot-11 frame of 14-year old Kai Sotto

Kai Sotto 2017

Fox Sports Asia reports that Kai Sotto shows glimpse of potential.

Kai, the son of former PBA big man Ervin Sotto, has embraced the massive pressure of reaching his maximum potential.

Slowly but surely.

Just this weekend, Kai showcased a glimpse of his immense potential, using the court smarts he learned from PBA two-time MVP Danny Ildefonso. The Ateneo Blue Eaglet’s tallest player came off the bench and pounced the defending UAAP Jrs champion Nazareth School of NU Bullpups with eight markers on a 3-of-6 shooting while going perfect from the stripe, and four rebounds in just nine minutes of action.

Read more at www.foxsportsasia.com.

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