The Story of Fil-American D.J. Fenner

D.J. Fenner

Reno Gazette-Journal reports how D.J. Fenner overcomes tumultuous childhood to star for Pack.

Wolf Pack basketball player D.J. Fenner knew from an early age what it felt like to live a life of luxury.

The son of a famous NFL running back, Fenner grew up in what he called “a fat house, a freaking mansion.” Fenner smiles when thinking of that home. It sat on the outskirts of Seattle and included a full-length basketball court, a movie theater, a gigantic pool and a Jacuzzi. No extravagance was spared.

Fenner was a part of what appeared to be the perfect nuclear family. He had a wealthy father and loving mother. An older sister rounded out the perfect four-person household. The elder Fenner had just retired after a nine-year NFL career and mansion living in the Emerald City suited young D.J. just fine.


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