Fil-American Virginia-Bound Guard Kihei Clark Earned High-Major Looks

Kihei Clark

FLOHOOPS  reports how Virginia-Bound Guard Kihei Clark Earned High-Major Looks.

Kihei Clark stepped onto the biggest stage of the summer as one of the smallest players and with perhaps even lighter expectations. Yet, that didn’t stop the 5-foot-9 guard from playing like a superstar in a Nike Peach Jam filled with next-level talent.

After struggling at times during the Nike EYBL regular season, especially with shooting the basketball, and following his commitment to UC-Davis in late May, Clark elevated his game to a crazy high level at the Riverview Park Activities Center in North Augusta, SC, to help the Oakland Soldiers (CA) earn the Peach Jam crown in July.

Most importantly, Clark, a 2018 prospect who boasts a high basketball IQ, rose to the occasion when it mattered most: elimination games.


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